Beyblade G-Revolution GBA

Beyblade G-Revolution GBA
Name: Beyblade G-Revolution GBA
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platforms(s): Gameboy Advance

Beyblade: G-Revolution is the third and final season of the Original anime series of Beyblade. It was later followed by Beyblade: Metal Fusion, after a long absence.

This season introduces the Engine Gear tops, with debut of Hard Metal System tops in the BEGA arc. Also in this season, instead of the bit-beasts coming out of the Beyblade in a flash of light, they are always seen in special attacks used by the tops.

G-Revolution took a different direction to V-Force before it and returned to focusing on Beyblade tournaments, the change of direction was owed to the Director of Season 1 returning to direct G-Revolution. It had more manga tie-in content such as the introduction of Hiro Granger and Daichi Sumeragi and more closely followed the manga itself, including adding content later on such as the BEGA series when it had yet to appear in the manga itself.

It also had many more tie-ins with Season 1, though largely did not reference V-Force itself. The artstyle was different once again and while based on V-Forces artstyle, the characters resembled their ages more then in V-Force and it was overall well received as a season.

G-Revolution marked the change in the overall stance of Beyblade itself as a franchise and even the manga was impacted by this. It no longer was focusing heavily on Bit-beasts and instead focused more on the Bladers and the Beyblades themselves. This would explain why bit-beasts were no longer a part of the main plot. Soon after the anime ended, Beyblade would abandon the Bit-Beast focus almost entirely.

Despite the well reception, G-Revolution was released at a time when Beyblade as a franchise was loosing popularity. Great effort was put into the series to help renew the franchise, but it failed to do so, leading to both anime and manga to end by 2004 and Beyblade to focus solely on its toyline until 2008.

Beyblade G-Revolution GBA

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Beyblade G-Revolution GBA
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